Connecting Global Minds

Our multilingual and globally connected team provides media products, marketing services and events in the field of foreign trade. Our customers are businesses, associations, trade and investment promotion agencies and the exhibition industry. We have 15 years of foreign trade experience, wide networks within Germany and Europe and long-term partnerships with major players in the foreign trade area, as well as own international trade initiatives and projects.

CEEPUS – Expertise for companies

In the 21 years since its formation CEEPUS –Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies– intensified the cooperation between the universities in central, eastern and southern Europe.  

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GlobalConnect 2016 at Messe Stuttgart

The GlobalConnect trade fair, which took place on 26 – 27 October 2016 at Stuttgart Messe, is the stage for Exports and Internationalization. It brings together companies interested in the development of foreign markets and experts who provide information on setting up business abroad.

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edubiz at GlobalConnect 2016

Successful international expansion does not function without training and global personnel development. To find a global talent, to develop and to bind with the company in a long-term by ensuring quality and growth – that remains the main task for internationally active SMEs.

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The conferences and publications of local global aim at international dialogue. Speakers and authors share their personal viewpoints with the audience and our readers.

Corina Creţu

“The Danube Strategy approach is logical: working together to solve common problems is effective.”

 Dr. Robert Bauer

“An essential aspect of how we overcame the crisis was that we did not make a single employee redundant.”

 Dr. Peter Köhler

“Our strategy when it comes to development and manufacturing is “local for local”.”

Geraldine Ghinet

“Things don’t just happen. Things happen because people decide they will happen.”