danubiz.eu is a joint and private initiative to foster SME business development, marketing and cooperation of SME within the Danube Region.
It helps to support SME of the region to do business more successfully and more sustainable. danubiz.eu will support market access of SME on international trade shows. Our partners will provide market places, information, training, consulting, financing and business services – tailored for SME.


Wherever ideas flow and business is to grow: for SME. After our successful events at GlobalConnect 2014 and 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany, on didacta 2014 – 2017, CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Germany, you could also find us at our “home match” of HANNOVER MESSE – the place where more than 600 industrial SME, startups and also clusters, universities and public business promotion agencies of the region gather. In our Global Business Magazine we were covering this fact. We are more than happy to have start our presence in the region itself: At at AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY, 19 – 21 October 2017, we started a first conference on the future of mobility and the role, SME and the education sector will play in this field. More to come in 2018!


Successful start-ups, young entrepreneurs and highly committed business networks  – there are many reasons why the Danube region has a big potential. Find here promising business ideas of people with a global mindset: they will have their space here and on international trade shows to present their contribution to the growth potential of the European economic macro-region Danube.

The Danube Region Business Atlas

The Danube Region Business Atlas is a guide for companies planning to cooperate with companies from the Danube Region. It supports SME of the Region to do business more successfully, more sustainable and more internationally. The Danube Region Business Atlas provides business information as well as consulting, financing updates.

Enterprise Partnerships in the Danube Region:

You are located in the Danube Region and interested in networking and presenting your enterprise? Publish your business profile and your services in our DANUBE REGION BUSINESS ATLAS! We build up a cooperation platform for companies and initiatives.

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Your initiative for the Danube Region:

You have a project idea for the Danube Region? Or you already have current business in the area and are searching for companies to cooperate with? Tell us more about your proposal and present your project in the DANUBE REGION BUSINESS ATLAS.

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