The meeting point for internationally active companies, the education sector and international HR service providers

Education for International Growth

Successful international expansion doesn´t function without training and global personnel development. To find a global talent, to develop and to bind with the company in a long-term by ensuring quality and growth – that remains the main task for internationally active SMEs.

Germany’s corporate global players meet at GlobalConnect in Stuttgart to discuss international growth perspectives. To find and to develop global talents to enter new markets, to build new capacities worldwide for manufacturing as well as for R&D – these are the challenges Germany’s successful enterprises are facing. Their focus is on new and international cooperation with the education sector and worldwide HR service providers. The event platform edubiz will discuss strategies and experiences in these fields. edubiz is combining conference, exhibition, matching and media – to present partners and concepts for development and qualification of a globally distributed workforce.

Challenge and Target groups

  • Companies: How to replace local HR improvisation by a global master plan for capacity building?
  • Economic and education policies: How to face the new challenges of globalisation and transnational economic integration?
  • Universities, MOOCs: Which cooperation models with the private sector and internationally active companies?
  • Vocational education and training: How to contribute to employability and to implement dual systems?
  • Intercultural Training Provider: Global Skills – what really counts in internationally active enterprises?
  • Technology Providers: Global Platforms for the corporate sector – how to create and deliver content that matters?
  • Students, Graduates, Young Professionals: Ready for going global? Career and study opportunities for “Global Minds”!

edubiz 2016

  • edubiz Conference 27.10.2016 
On the role of education for internationally active Enterprises
  • GlobalConnect 26.-27. 10.2016 
Free access for edubiz participants to all other GlobalConnect conferences
  • Exhibition: Education and HR service providers as part of the exhibition area of GlobalConnect.
  • “Coaching Zone”: An open demo forum to present training units, content, concepts
  • Global Career Days: Individual meetings of exhibitors, visitors, Talents
  • GlobalConnect Magazine/edubiz Directory: Profiles and who’s-who of the international service providers and l partners for corporate education
  • On-Site-Visits 28.10.2016: International guests to visit educational institutions and corporate education centers in Stuttgart.

How to participate?

About edubiz:

edubiz is an Initiative of the Stuttgart based media company local global. The open conference and exhibition format of edubiz encourages the dialogue between internationally active enterprises and the education sector. edubiz events took place on GlobalConnect, Learntec in Karlsruhe and on didacta.

Conference topics

  • Key Notes: Internationalisation of value chain – Challenges for companies and education 
  • Best Practice: Internationally active industrial enterprises sharing their experience : Case studies of successful global education and HR Projects
  • Solutions: Presentation of Concepts and solutions, tools, instruments