The meeting point for internationally active companies, the education sector and international HR service providers

Germany’s corporate global players meet at GlobalConnect in Stuttgart to discuss international growth perspectives. edubiz is combining conference, exhibition, matching and media – to present talents, partners and concepts for the growth on international markets

26-27th October 2016

Going global!
Open forum with interactive presentations and demos of the corporate and education sector

Talents in dialogue
Open networking  for international talents

Speed presentations
Young talents presenting themselves to companies and enter into dialogue with Germany’s global players

27th October 2016

Employment, shortage of skilled labour, brain drain:
Challenges and european answers

Dual vocational education in foreign countries:
Realization and case studies

Global challenges: 
Partner of internationally active medium-sized companies

What do “global minds” expect from employers?

28th October 2016

International guests visit educational institutions and corporate education centers in Stuttgart