local global GmbH is a small media company based in Stuttgart/Germany, founded by Hans Gäng. Since the year 2000, The multilingual teams of local global are familiar with trends and topics of ongoing internationalisation, both of businesses and societies.  Our media and conferences are addressing “GlobalPlayers”. The teams assist renowned organisations and enterprises to communicate successfully  on an international level. Many of our interns, young professionals, authors and freelancers started their career in Germany with local global.


You have a bright idea for a book, articles, web content or design? You are interested in an internship in Germany? You want to support us at our conferences and activities at international trade shows? You have to write a master thesis? Do not hesitate to contact us!


….from all the people who have contributed to our conferences, media or to the design and the marketing of our products. Thank you all –

  • Alejandra Loreto
  • Angelika Minekova
  • Anna Zhikareva
  • Annina Gratzky
  • Bogdan Ifrim
  • Britta Schulze
  • Adrian Poputeia
  • Alexandra Ketterer
  • Alina Nedelcu
  • Ana Maria Toral
  • Ana Maria Mihut
  • Angelika Minekova
  • Ariadne Dimakou
  • Astrid Schneider
  • Carolin Harscher
  • Carlotta Sturm
  • Cristina Sanchez
  • Christian Tippelt
  • Christoph Schulz-Hamparian
  • Edith Bachmayer
  • Esad Fazlic
  • Giada Bressan
  • Hans Seidenstücker
  • Inka Ziegenhagen
  • Ira Haller
  • Isabel Saez
  • Julia Steiner
  • Katerina Schneiderova
  • Katja Minekova
  • Liliana Rocha-Gürich
  • Luca Marie Wodtke
  • Marian Lenhard
  • Nick Schulz
  • Niklas Pitschke
  • Nina Jazbec
  • Oleksiy Serdyuk
  • Olga Lukomska
  • Paige Bone
  • Petra Kamencova
  • Sara Trägner
  • Solomiya Ostapchuk
  • Stefan Brunner
  • Susana Hidalgo
  • Thomas Kiefer
  • Valentin Karl Waibel
  • Valeria Truschinski
  • Vero Avant
  • Veronika Kucherov
  • Xiaowei Brügmann
  • Ziyi Wang