Connecting Global Minds

A changing world of foreign trade. New hubs  for manufacturing. Competitors becoming closest partners. Delivery and payment via global platforms to local customers everywhere. Talents from all over the world working in your labs: The ever more connected world of business – that is what conferences and media of local global are about.


Second German-Chinese Automobile Congress

26.11.- 01.12.2018
Nanjing – Shanghai – Nanchang 

A conference and delegation visit to the centers of Chinese automobile production will allow small and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups from Germany to enter the booming Chinese market.

1. Süddeutscher Einkäufertag 2018

On the digitalization of supply chains 

25. September 2018: – premiere in Stuttgart:, Concepts and experiences of digital tools in the purchasing process. Experts and enterprises sharing their expertise in a new round-table and seminar format.

edubiz – GlobalConnect 2018

Talents and capacities worldwide

edubiz (“education meets business”) is an initiative of local global. The open conference and exhibition format of edubiz encourages the dialogue between internationally active enterprises, the education sector and talents.. This format we have developed at several trade shows in Germany and Europe. .edubiz is supported by various partners..

Books & Magazines

Global Business Magazine – now online

The official magazine of Global Business & Markets at HANNOVER MESSE

Voices, markets, profiles: The Global Business Magazine – edited and published by local global since 2006 – is the guide through Europe’s leading platform for foreign trade and FDI.

“New in BW”

A guide for international students and young Professionals in Baden-Württemberg.

First published this year, “New in BW” speaks with the communities of young talents in Germany’s globally most connected region. The international young editorial team aims to initiate a dialogue between the professionals arriving from abroad and the corporations and SMEs of Baden-Württemberg. Another issue addressed: how companies are developing “corporate brain” to gain new global growth perspectives.


25 restaurateurs, 12 startups and 7 networkers talk about changing themselves and thus Berlin as such.

Gastro.Startup.Berlin” portrays the diversity, internationality and innovation power of the “food ecosystem” in Germany’s capital Berlin. Through the conversations and interviews with inspiring people you will learn a lot about the personal and entrepreneurial drive of people who have shaped the image of Berlin.