A changing world. New global hubs  for manufacturing. Digital platforms for local customers worldwide. Talents from all over the world studying here and working in your labs. Founders starting up with bright ideas: This ever more globally connected world of business – that is what conferences and media of local global are about.


After Corona – a guide for internationally active SME

Managing agility worldwide

Experienced practitioners are encouraging entrepreneurs  to stay on international markets – even after the pandemy: How internationalization can create a new scope for medium-sized companies despite numerous challenges is the topic of the 2nd edition of this book in German language published by Peter Anterist. 

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Seminar: OKR for agile enterprises

Talents and capacities worldwide

edubiz (“education meets business”) is an initiative of local global. edubiz offered an online course on “Objectives and Key Results” (OKR) for the first time. This so-called “Google Methodology” is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized industrial companies that want to involve all teams in innovation processes and achieve greater agility in the upcoming digital transformation.

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Online Workshop for Economic Promotion, Dec. 2020

Challenges 2021: Facing the Challenge of Corona

The challenges posed by the corona crisis remain many and varied – especially for institutions that are responsible for the economic stabilization and further development of regions and industrial clusters. This virtual workshop and networking jointly organized by hannoverimpuls, Deutsche Messe Technology Academy and Global Business Magazine encoureaged  economic development managers to exchange personal experiences across all national, regional, and local responsibilities.

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Global Business & Markets:
Remaining in contact

COVID 19: an unprecedented challenge to the world. local global as partner of HANNOVER MESSE since many years and as publisher of the Global Business Magazine tries its best to keep the community of Global Business & Markets updated. Many of the exhibitors are supporting SME also in these days of shutdowns. 

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The Art Of Being Local Worldwide

For many medium-sized companies, France is the first and often the largest foreign market. Over more than four decades, InterGest France has successfully accompanied more than 500 companies into the French market. The fourth edition of the investment guide aims to help companies successfully establish, restructure or expand their business presence in France.


Digital Global

Worldwide resources for digital projects

Once started at CeBIT, planned for HANNOVER MESSE 2020: Our initiative and guide to cross-border cooperation in digitalization and innovation. IT specialists and young enterprises in countries around the world are ready and able to support corporate IT projects. Their competence will be a key factor in  smart restart of the world economy.

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Voices – Interviews and Statements:

“No alternative to globalisation”

Hermann Simon is the researcher who discovered the reasons why globalisation even in hard times is a must for “hidden champions”. Read our interviews with a number of CEO’s of Germany’s medium sized and family owned companies to understand how they are thriving through ongoing internationalisation.

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Deutsche Messe Technology Academy

Fit for the industrial future

Deutsche Messe has been part of the local global story for years. Now a new partner has joined the “family”: Deutsche Messe Technology Academy. With its program and worldwide partnerships it connecting a unique network of technology partners for manufacturers. We are proud to support the global communication of the company and to contribute with own online events.

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New in Baden- Württemberg

A guide for talents and corporates

Our magazine and website “New in Baden-Württemberg” is aiming at the dialogue between the three pillars of the global success story of Baden-Württemberg: the local but globally active companies, the organisations and networks involved in the integration and qualification of international talents, and, of course, the communities of the talents themselves.

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German-Chinese Cooperation

China’s ramp-up – Opportunity for Germany

Electromobility, Smart Manufacturing, AI: China relies on cluster cooperation with Germany. Sector specific conferences both in China  and in Germany as well as business delegations help to discover the potential of cooperation between small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and their clusters. local global organizes a series of online-meetings and conferences.

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Ideas, content development, professional edition print and online, social media, marketing and distribution for books or magazines of your organisation.


Concept, consulting, promotion and organisation of your real or virtual conference or trade show event in Germany.


“Hands-on” services for your communication in Germany; such as flyers, invitations, press releases, landing pages and social media in Germany.